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cPanel is the #1 used control panel in the world. If it was not the best we wouldn't be using it.

We recently began work on a new project, BII is short for Building In Ireland, and the website is aimed at both the building industry and the home user who is planning on building a house, renovating their current house, or doing any type of small job to their own place.

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Website Hosting

At Evolution IT, we provide a set of hosting packages to suit all users, from users setting up their first site, to high end users with a lot of storage and bandwidth needs.

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Our Help Board

We're glad to announce our new message board. We've created this board to help improve how our customers communicate with us, and to provide another outlet for you to get your IT questions answered more quickly.


Price List & Common Faults

At Evolution IT we pride ourselves on being cost effective in the work we do. We understand that people don't want to spend small fortunes repairing problems, and want value for the money they do spend. We try our best to get you the best value for any equipment we have to buy, whether its replacement LCD screen's for laptops or optical drives for desktops, or anything in between. We then only charge a price that we feel is reflective of the time and work needed to put into every job. We also make sure you know the price of the work before we do anything, so as to avoid any confusion.

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Digital Image Recovery

The move to digital photography has made it possible for everyone to be a photographer! Gone are the days when your camera would only take 24 pictures on a roll, and you never knew how a picture came out until you got them developed!

Now you take your picture on your digital camera, you can check it see how it came out, and re-take it if necessary.  It only takes a second, and you've got a memory that will last a lifetime. Until..


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